Phil Kimmi Consulting A coaching program to inspire personal success

We offer a unique program to find your best self. Utilizing emotional intelligence and polished presentation skills, this consultation program applies customized tools to inspire personal success. Candidates must sell themselves when applying for a job or competing for a pageant title. You will find your "comfort zone" in interviews and professional scenarios, and become more comfortable in your public life.  We also review your written materials and social media accounts and highlight what you can expect to be asked in interviews and the hiring process. Together we identify challenges and gaps and provide tools to build a lasting and positive impression.


Phil works in private sessions, classroom presentations, and community-based group settings.


Learn the important aspects of standing out in a competitive job market.


Test the tools in practice situations.


Lace the details together for high impact. No one represents your brand better than you!

A unique approach to finding
your best self
Phil Kimmi

Phil brings multiple decades of professional work experience to his Consulting practice. He has been a hiring manager in numerous corporate and educational settings. Phil is also an experienced Judge, having judged over 100+ competitions. He knows what works, and how to guide a client through the interview process. He shares the tools you need to seal the deal and put forth your best self.

Phil Kimmi Consulting
Phil Kimmi Consulting - Education, Training

Applying personal tools to deliver
a lasting impression
We're Here for You

Sometimes you just need someone outside your circle to give you honest feedback and be an objective advocate. Phil Kimmi Consulting will provide you with a personalized assessment of what is working for you, and how you can improve your presentation skills. Phil can help you look at your big picture and develop a strategic game plan!

Why clients choose Phil Kimmi Consulting


1. Individual Hourly Rate

2. Package Opportunities (4 or 6 Hour Sessions)

4 - 6 hour packages can be scheduled in multi hour sessions. 

3. Refresher Session

After the Package Program has been completed, individual practice/refresher
and new offering sessions can be scheduled.

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