Pageant Consultant

Get the perspective of a veteran pageant judge: What makes a candidate stand out?

Whether you are new to pageantry or a returning veteran, a contestant can benefit from a consultant. Phil Kimmi Consulting, realizes that no two candidates are the same, nor should they be. Authenticity, preparation, and polish make a contestant a contender!

As highlighted in the ‘About Phil’ section of this site, Phil is an experienced pageant judge. He can share some of the details about why some title holders have clinched their titles, and why many have not. He is willing to share his perspective of how you can highlight YOUR unique qualities and experiences to be your true, authentic self. Phil’s services are not cookie-cutter gimmicks that are used on every client. Rather, Phil works at helping you find your unique voice and making your pageant experience one that is one-of-a-kind.

Branding is a buzz-word topic of many pageant preparation conversations. There are numerous aspects to consider:

  • Is your social media presence one that reflects the positive image of a title holder?
  • Does your paperwork reflect your experience and how you would use your year of service?
  • Do you communicate a consistent message about your passions, goals, and your overall job readiness?
  • Does your stage presence and wardrobe choices fit the image you want to project?

The importance of an over-all thread of consistency, or brand, is strategically important. This is your individual marketing strategy for the job that you are applying for. 

Finally, do you feel like you need more preparation assistance? Once you have completed the ‘Pageant Package’ (of the four, primary sessions), you can schedule more preparation time with Phil. You can customize these session(s) to your needs.  Perhaps you could benefit from:

  • A fresh set of eyes on a paperwork/platform update,
  • Specific fine-tuning on the nuances of speaking in an interview situation
  • A trial-run in an actual interview simulation

Phil Kimmi Consulting sessions can be scheduled in-person, or by a video call.  Pricing can be found on the main page.