Counseling Education

Working on targeted, specific needs of the client

There are numerous, personal branding considerations to take into consideration when preparing to interview for a job. Some of these are addressed in your paperwork and social media presence. Other aspects are in your style of dress and grooming choices. 

Another important aspect to examine is how you sort and share your personal and professional experiences. Phil never suggests that you script or prepare your responses in advance, however there ARE some questions that you can expect and plan for. In these instances, a candidate can storyboard their previous work, and personal, experience. This gives you a general framework of how to answer any question.

A current trend in interviewing is the use of “behavioral application” questions in interview situations. Many interviewers use a structured manner of behavioral based questions.  Behavioral interviewing is a method that helps you explain how you handled specific work situations and challenges. I can help you navigate these types of questions and some strategic ways you can prepare, in advance, to nail your answer!

There are interpersonal aspects of the interview process that are essential to building a connection and establishing the rapport necessary to land the job. I can help you evaluate things like:

  • Non-verbal cues
  • The keys to listening and responding in context
  • Being open and present and how this facilitates command
  • How to ‘think ahead’ before speaking and the advantages this skill gives you
  • Creating a bridge in your response to ‘drive’ the interviewer to the next question

Phil Kimmi Consulting helps you feel comfortable in your own skin and communicate in an authentic, confident manner. This is an essential aspect of standing out in a competitive market of applicants. I give you the tools to achieve this!