Personal Assessment

A personal analysis of your goals, strengths, and concerns

The initial assessment is a complete review of your personal goals in your job pursuit. 

What does the ideal, end-result look like? What are your strengths, and what are your concerns? What areas do you need to develop? 

The assessment includes a review of your self-critique of overall job readiness. After this thorough process, we offer recommendations and the work begins.

When it comes to participating in an interview, what aspects go well for you and what areas are challenging? There are several TYPES and MODES of interviews that you need to be prepared for. Phil Kimmi Consulting has you covered to be prepared in any situation.

How do you look on paper? The resume is the cornerstone of your brand. Additional paperwork including the application, cover letter, thank you correspondence, etc. frame the written aspect of your candidacy. If your needs require a platform (or social impact statement) have you developed your concept with real-world, demonstrated commitment that can be substantiated? We will review what you have assembled, and make recommendations as needed.

All of these aspects are your brand. We will build a storyboard to cover all your personal assets and help you put your best foot forward on paper AND in an interview situation. We can also analyze your social media presence and help tie it all together.

This personal assessment is a culmination of capitalizing on your strengths, acknowledging your areas of concern, and mastering the skills needed to successfully reach your goal. With Phil Kimmi Consulting, we build a customized and collaborative game plan to move forward with command and confidence.