Interview Coach

Owning the interview, developing rapport, learning to ‘drive’ the interview

A popular component of Phil Kimmi Consulting is focusing on how to handle yourself in an actual job interview. I am that ‘Coach’ to help guide you and offer feedback. As mentioned on the ‘Interview Education’ page of the site’s Services tab, some of the most requested areas for coaching are:

  • Looking the part (attire and grooming)
  • Non-verbal signals (body language)
  • Speaking skills (vocabulary and grammar)
  • Strategizing the different kinds of interviews
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Essential homework prior to the interview

The next level of coaching is being memorable in the interview process. Your interpersonal skills serve you in establishing rapport and making THE connection with your interviewer(s).  How do you do this? Phil can share his personal experiences as an experienced ‘Interviewer’ and guide you through the process. 

Have you ever felt that you didn’t get to discuss the things YOU wanted to talk about in an interview? Phil can share tips on how you can assert yourself (at least momentarily) and “drive” the interview conversation. There are subtle ways to lead the interviewer to discuss your agenda. You have more power than you realize and showing an interviewer that you can take charge may be just what they’re looking for!

Many interview situations request you to “sell” yourself and ask why you are the best “fit” for the job. Do you have an idea of what your “closing” statement would be? Again, staying in the moment and providing an authentic, unrehearsed answer is a skill. One that we can develop as we strategize with you to be prepared.

In the coaching role Phil Kimmi Consulting not only an educates but serves as a mentor and coach.