New Year’s Goal Setting

The start of a new year is a hopeful time. We make resolutions but by the first of February, 80% of them fail. Why is this? New Year’s resolutions seldom have action steps. They are made with few details or time stamps.

Rather than just making resolutions, this year set SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Here are some steps to help you achieve your 2023 goals:

1. Set goals that are not only specific but realistic and attainable. Reflect on all areas of your life to determine where you are now and where you want to go.
2. Set goals that are measurable. You want to be able to see that you’re on the right track, so set goals that can be measured regularly and over short periods of time.
3. Make sure your goal is achievable. It starts with a single step, but with perseverance anything is possible!
4. Are your goals relevant? If your goals are important to you in the immediate future, they will be easier to manage and prioritize.
5. Time-bound goals have a specific deadline for accomplishment. Urgency motivates us to act.

Here are some additional tips:
* Write your goals down and review them on a regular basis. Keep your goals in a place where you will see them regularly. Review your progress and keep yourself on track.
* Teaming with a friend can be beneficial. It can be more fun when you’re working with someone, and you won’t be tempted to abandon your goals if someone else is working with you.
* Be flexible with your goals. Sometimes goals become outdated. You may need to scrap those and recraft your list.

Take some personal, reflective time to review where you want to go in the new year and create your roadmap! Have a terrific holiday season!

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