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Use of Manners During a Job Search

September 23, 2023

In my August Blog, we looked at common job search mistakes. The topic resonated with some of my clients and after some robust conversations, I want to expand on some tips that WILL help make an impression. Basic manners can make a difference with a first impression. Here are 10 tips to consider: 1. Advise…

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Being Aware of Mind Games

May 23, 2023

Have you ever felt intimidated by someone? Perhaps it was intentional behavior by someone wanting to feel superior. Perhaps it was your own feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. Either way, it doesn’t feel good. Mind games, or psychological one-upmanship, is typically deliberate behavior that demoralizes a person while making the aggressor look superior. Mind games…

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Tips for a Good First Impression

March 23, 2023

It has been said that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Research has shown that most people form their first impression of a person within 7 seconds after meeting them. Does that concern you? Well, it shouldn’t. You have control over the first impression that you make! Let’s apply this to…

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The Importance of Being Present in an Interview

February 23, 2023

A friend recently advised me to relax and “stay in the moment”. I had to stop and think about that. Perhaps sometimes I do get distracted and don’t stay in the here and now. As I work with clients, I often hear comments and stories that reflect this same theme. Have you ever been nervous…

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Pre-Interview Preparation

October 23, 2022

Pre-Interview Preparation You know the things you should do to prepare for an interview, but do you actually do them? Knowledge is power. Mental preparation can equate to peace of mind once you are under stress during the interview. Here are some tips from the pros: *Position / Title Review the position and title and…

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When is the Best Time to Hire an Interview Coach?

July 23, 2022

There are many, different Interview training services in the market today. Selecting a consulting style, or personality, that you are comfortable with is the best place to start. These services range from individual coaches to companies that employ numerous employment consultants.  You can meet with potential coaches and choose a mentor based on your comfort…

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