Owning Your Moment

The job you didn’t get, the title you weren’t awarded: losses can be devastating! You have been focused for weeks, maybe months on achieving success. You have worked hard. The job interview or the competition is over and, regardless of the outcome, it is important to reflect on the process.

  • Recognize the emotional toll of defeat. Rejection hurts but it helps to acknowledge the pain in order to move past the set-back faster. Timing is everything. It may not be the right fit for you right now. This is just one snapshot in time. Perhaps this is just not your time. Let yourself heal.
  • Celebrate your strengths. Reflect on what your hard work has accomplished. It helps to build on those successes for the future. No matter what the result, your effort has its positive sides and can be a preparation for the future.
  • Search for areas of growth. Failure can be an opportunity to learn. Perhaps you already know what’s not working as well as it could. Ask for feedback from others. Don’t be hard on yourself. Being overly critical won’t help in the long run, but it can give you a boost of enthusiasm to improve. Maintain your self-confidence in the process.
  • Reflect on success AND failure. Looking at both sides is an important aspect of moving forward. Keep it positive and make it a productive experience that empowers you and helps you achieve what you want!

June is mid-year. It’s a great time to reflect on your New Year’s resolutions and goals. Reflection on our successes and failures can be an opportunity to re-boot, get back on track, and regain our strength and motivation. There’s another job out there for you. Perhaps there’s another competition that you want to try again.

Challenge yourself to look forward rather than back. It will lead to personal growth and allows clarity to map your options!

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