REthinking Your Personal Brand

In November of 2022, I first blogged about building your personal brand. Now, almost a year later, the topic is back on my radar. My thinking continues to evolve because of my client interactions and their questions.

Have you examined your personal brand lately?

What I consistently see is that personal branding is an evolving process. Because it stems from your identity, it only makes sense that your brand changes as you do. People perceive your talents, skills and qualifications as they research or interact with you. It’s a unique distinguishing part of your reputation on a professional level. Over time, as your career development takes you on new paths, you will constantly re-brand yourself.

Don’t be afraid to re-boot your personal branding on all your social & professional media platforms and to reflect those changes in your resume.

Here are some steps to consider:

  • Analyze your personal strengths. What are the things in which you excel? What are you passionate about? What are your unique credentials? What are your core values and beliefs?
  • Hone your persona. What are your core traits & key characteristics that set the tone for your professional image? (“dependable”, “results-driven”, “creative”, “highly motivated”}
  • Develop your message. A brand message is a few sentences that highlight what you offer to a position/employer. It can be used on your social profiles, in your paperwork, and in the interview process.
  • Highlight where & how you fit. Your target audience is the people that you want to know about you. Identify who you want to target. Use the characteristics of that group to develop your brand. It is okay to tweak your messaging to different goals/jobs.
  • Take time to brainstorm. Capitalize on the things that make you interesting! Make a list of everything you bring to the table on a professional level. Consider your style, intellect, humor, empathy, as well as your accomplishments and goals.

Crafting your personal brand takes time and effort. Being prepared to update and change your professional brand and profile marks you as a professional. It requires self-assessment and motivation.

 Your brand is unique to you, and it will evolve. It’s a personal investment that lets people who know you are AND what you stand for. Make it count!

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