The Importance of Knowing Your WHY

Much has been written on the topic of “finding your why” and the importance of discovering your purpose. I have seen individuals share their celebration when they feel they have found that magic moment. For others this journey is a lifetime pursuit, and they are unsure if they have ever found their purpose.

While there is no single pathway for discovering your purpose in life, there are numerous ways you can gain a deeper insight into yourself. Personal reflection and gaining a deeper understanding of your needs and interests can add perspective on what it is that you have to offer an employer and, perhaps more importantly, what you want to invest in yourself.

Your “why” should be very personal to you. It’s the basis on which you build towards a goal. Your “why” helps you remember your values so that when it comes time to make decisions, you are genuinely doing what is best for you!

Here are some questions to ask yourself. Get a journal. Start writing and working through these questions. From this work, new questions and directions will emerge. Putting your thoughts on paper can offer clarity.

   *What inspires happiness in you?
Think about all the things that you enjoy doing. Things that you like to do repeatedly. Focus on the things you think about doing when you are bored. These activities help you lose track of time.

   *What are your natural talents?
Write down everything you do with ease. Things that feel almost effortless. You probably do these activities well and receive positive feedback about them frequently.

   *What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
Many of us have dreams that are hidden within us because of the fear of failure. Sometimes we must challenge that fear to prove to ourselves that things ARE possible. When you overcome a fear, it opens the door(s) to other possibilities.

   *How can you help others?
Purpose gives meaning to life. Perhaps it’s connected to something that brings benefit to other people. It can be a way of contributing to society and that can bring satisfaction to you.

When you start on the journey of finding and living your “why,” these important questions can help keep you focused. It’s easy to lose sight of goals in the day-to-day grind. Don’t think in terms of long-term or short-term. The point is to explore and keep moving forward. Sometimes you must try, stop, re-calibrate, and change course. It’s all part of the process.

If you’re feeling directionless and need assistance, life coaches and career coaches can often help. They have tools to support personal and professional development. It’s never too late to begin this exciting journey of self-discovery!

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