The Power of Visualization

A wise friend has often shared her belief in the power of visualization in making
her goals and dreams come true. This goal mapping, also called imagery, is used by
many people to “mock up” their aspirations.


As I work with individuals preparing for a competition or pursuing a job search,
one of the most rewarding aspects for me is helping the client talk through their
goal(s). Many times, this focusing process uncovers elements that the client has
never thought about. Once these details are realized, I am always amazed to watch
the process take off!

Here are some tools that can help you begin the process:
Vision Board – Use a blank poster and attach magazine photos, written
snippets, etc. that represent what you want to manifest and achieve.
Writing Affirmations – Record your dreams and goals to help you get into
your future mindset. Use short “I” statements and be as specific as possible.
Meditation – Use personal or guided meditation for a very powerful way to
visualize the phases of where you want to go and who you want to become.

As you focus on your goals, you need to have an idea of what they can look like.
Visualization is a technique for creating a mental image. Brain research has shown
that thoughts can influence motor control, attention, planning, perception, and the
ability to execute in real life. Start with a focused specific goal. Picture it in great
detail as if it were happening around you. Engage the five senses in your
visualization. Clear out any doubts and focus on the positive.

Practice visualization daily, perhaps with meditation and/or writing affirmations.
When we visualize our goals, we begin to see the possibility of making them
reality. This can motivate us to move forward and make them happen! When we
have a clear vision for what we want, decisions are easier. These are building
blocks which help us stay on course. Use your visioning as signposts on the road to

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