WHY Your Personal Brand Matters

WHY Your Personal Brand Matters

Over the last twenty years the term, personal branding has become a popular buzzword in everything from job searches to building a business. The term has gained popularity because of the internet and various forms of social media.

The power of the concept is that it changes the focus to an act of creativity: you can create an image that reflects who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

When you are applying for a job or a pageant title, consider how your personal brand can help you shine in an interview. Look at how you present yourself, your skills, your experience and your goals. Together these create a public and professional image that distinguishes you from others in the crowd.

What makes you unique? This is a chance to get to know yourself better and to decide what you want to be known for.

When you review your experiences and your accomplishments what do you want people to understand about you on a professional level? Give some thought to your “ideal” career path 5 or even 10 years in the future. Life surprises most of us but being able to articulate goals and targets is energizing and powerful. People notice, not just your target audience and potential interviewers, but everyone you come in contact with.

Personal branding may afford potential employers the opportunity to more accurately judge your abilities and “fit” to their organizations. With profiles, blogs, and writing samples available through social media, Interviewers often review candidates and make evaluations very early in the selection process.

One thing that has helped me in the last decade was creating a personal brand statement. This is a one-sentence grabber that highlights your expertise and what makes you memorable. It includes the major elements that tie back to how you portray yourself. This can be a great banner on your LinkedIn profile, and a great response to the question, “Briefly tell us about yourself”.

Personal branding is not just about marketing yourself. It’s about being aware of how others may see you, working to create a powerful and positive image, and becoming your own best promoter. Personal branding gives you an opportunity to control your own narrative. Creating a personal brand will focus your attention and bolster your self-esteem and confidence. Get those creative juices working on your own behalf!

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