Winter Productivity Strategies

The winter months are here. No matter what region you reside in, the days are shorter. In many locations they are darker and colder, as well. Many people notice being more tired than usual. Because you may also be less active, some people find they are also less motivated.

On a more extreme side, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or other mental health conditions can also be present. Speaking with your physician can be a big help in coping with depression, attitude, and productivity.

Here are some tips for navigating your personal productivity and mental health in the winter months:

• Stay healthy: Winter months have a higher rate of sickness (colds, flu, etc.). Wash hands, take vitamins, drink fluids, and do what you can to prevent illness.
• Make smart food choices: Avoid sugary drinks, heavy meals, and unhealthy snacks. Refresh yourself with a cup of hot, green tea.
• Stay physically active: Maintaining a regular exercise routine can help reduce stress and improve sleep.
• Spent time outdoors: Strive to take in ten minutes of sunshine daily. Get outside if you can. A quick walk around the block and clear your head and brighten your outlook.
• Be social: Attempt to spend time around other people. Breaking isolation can make you happier and boost your productivity.
• Utilize breaks: Try to schedule planned breaks daily. A change in routine can keep you fresh and energized.
• Follow weather reports: If you know commutes could take longer, leave earlier so you arrive at work, or appointments on time. Avoid the stress of traffic in starting your day!
• Set goals: The new year and winter months are perfect for focusing on new priorities. Set new goals for the year. You could gain a sense of accomplishment!
• Reboot your new year: New Year’s resolutions are easily broken and it can cause frustrations. January 1 is just a date. You can start a new habit at ANY time. Just commit to a month of trying and integrating the new habit.

The holidays are over. Post-holiday letdown can be something that affects your mood and energy. It’s a new year! Be mindful that self-care can make a difference in setting the tone for your productivity and success in the year ahead!

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